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Commissions : The Process

Custom Art Commissions

I love being asked to create something special for people that enjoy my work. If you are interested in the commission process, here's a little breakdown of how it works:

I can create work based on your inspiration, photos, ideas, or other pieces I have created. Feel free to send me anything that you have a vision for! However, photos are not required to make a commission happen. If you have an idea, or a color scheme, or just an empty wall, we can make this happen for you. I often have clients come to me and tell me which pieces of mine they like, but how they would like me to make alterations to make it unique for them.

I am very open to any ideas for custom artwork. I create both custom watercolors paintings on cotton paper, as well custom acrylic paintings on canvases. The possibilities are endless. The commission process is on case-to-case basis and I will always make it work for you.

I continue constant contact throughout the process so you know what is happening with you special piece. I ask questions and send process photos to ensure that you feel confident.

I cannot wait to work with you!  Click the button below to get the process started!

Best regards,

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